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Shanghai Waifu Psychological Assistance Center

  Shanghai Waifu Psychological Assistance Center was established in 2010, with psychological counselling, psychological assistance, psychology training, corporate EAP, social welfare and corporate social responsibility as the main business content, is a professional organisation in the nature of a psychological counselling association.

  The Shanghai Waifu Psychological Assistance Center started to provide psychological services during the Expo in 2010, as well as foreign language counselling. In order to commemorate the development of psychological work at the Expo, to unite front-line psychological talents, and to professionalise, systematise and detail corporate training, Shanghai Waifu Psychological Assistance Center was established as an independent association legal institution, with the implication that it is an excellent psychological assistance team for external services.

  The aim of the Centre is to provide a platform for professional training and consultancy services for all kinds of organisations to "build corporate soft power and psychological capital of employees", and its scope of business is clearly "training qualified".

  Since its establishment, the Centre has not only united a group of psychological talents, but also inherited the enthusiasm of frontline psychologists for public welfare in the wake of the 5-12 Wenchuan earthquake, the 11-15 Shanghai Jing'an fire and the Foxconn incident, and has developed public welfare and psychological crisis intervention techniques for the better.

  In 2013 Shanghai Waifu Psychological Assistance Center was selected by Youth Daily as one of the top 100 units in Shanghai for public welfare.

  Shanghai Waifu Psychological Assistance Center started the operation of the certification training for psychological counsellors in 2013, and made it one of the development goals of the centre to become a talent base for psychological counsellors. With the support of various partners, Shanghai Foreign Service Psychological Assistance has now become an excellent think tank for government, enterprises and institutions to integrate psychology into their corporate management concepts. At the same time, through continuous sharpening and experience accumulation, Shanghai Foreign Service Heart Support has become a well-known training and consulting institution that combines the advantages of talents, professional advantages and project undertaking, operation and management capabilities.

  If you need personal psychological counseling, or you want to cooperate with us on behalf of a company, please contact our colleagues at service@eap.sh.cn or 1323189720@qq.com.

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